Bag at You…

Everyone likes nice things and would love to be called stylish or fashion forward however, to attain this revered status your whole outfit has to be stylish including your bag.

Your handbag is an integral part of your look and an outside representation of your personality. It’s no secret that the kind of handbag you carry says a lot about your style aesthic, your personality and even your career (scary right?) No!! There’s nothing wrong with saying your story through your handbag.

This post is kinda like a guideline to shopping for your next bag , you know, the one that actually fits your taste and needs and not a trend piece. In recent times, everyone seems to be sporting the smaller handbags perfect for brunches, parties and outings however, you still want a bag for work and errands so you don’t wear out your outing bags.

Just like with shoes, choosing the right handbag comes down to an array of things such as your practical needs, style aesthetic and occasion. As always, a top priority handbag should be a piece that you will be proud of, something that you will enjoy carrying and also hold your necessities so likability and practicality is important.

Additionally, when shopping, look for a bag that is usable for many seasons. Avoid trends as they die therefore making your bags out of, date and of questionable taste. Try the classic, clean style with minimal design and hardware. Avoid over the top embellishments such as fringes, flowers, buttons.

Also, no matter your budget, ensure your bag is really truly worth the amount you are going to pay for it. Inspect the material, the seams and the zippers. If there are any signs of wear, tear or weakness in the bag it probably won’t be a bag that will give you much mileage.

Finally, when purchasing a bag, finding one that matches well with your closet seems like the obvious choice however a lot of us get bags that are so out of our current wardrobe aesthetic making us spend even more money to get pieces that will match the new bag. Get a bag that matches your aesthetic and even compliments it.

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