My Honest Review on “The Pouch Bag”

Like you all know, I am not a trend chaser neither am I a follower however, there are some trends that I absolutely love and cannot get out of my head after I have seen it one of such is the pouch bag.

Backtrack to where I first saw it and I think it was Bottega however, I just couldn’t bring myself to getting the bag for $2400 especially since I wasn’t sure of it’s longevity and then I saw it on ASOS so Sis had to go looking for budget friendly look alike wherein I saw it on ASOS.

On ASOS though, I didn’t like how the brown looked so I continued my search and went on amazon.com and Sis fell in love: so much that I got two in brown and white (my absolute favorite colors for handbags).

So first impression, this is a beautiful bag although there is nothing new about the structure or aesthetic; it looks like a bigger grandma purse which on paper sounds boring and outdated. That being said, against all odds, this trend has become the coolest bag to own this year. It is chic and spacious so you can actually put things in them and bonus, it’s a beautiful addition to your bag collection.

The Pouch bag is simple and minimalistic in design and even the colors are very sophisticated and clean. It’s a sure hit for me. Check amazon.com for other options

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