A Modern Lady’s guide to Elegance

Style cannot be over emphasized. Everything from jewelry to footwear matters when you are dolling up. The very first thing to be aware of is your body type, your body is your first accessory.
There are five body types. Some people fall perfectly into one or more categories while others feel like they do not belong in any of them. Do not be alarmed, Sis!! I am here to give you the guidance needed to learn your body type so that you’re showing off your best angles.

The Pear Shape

The pear shape has become one of the most coveted body types to have. Most women blessed with this figure know how to work it. People who are pear shaped tend to be petite on top with narrow shoulders, a defined waist, smaller bust with fuller hips and thighs. Pear shaped women have the advantage of looking chic in almost any outfit. A common mistake that pear shaped women make is overexerting their sexiness to the point where it can border on tackiness.

For women with this shape, it is best to elongate your figure by minimizing your hips and thighs. This allows the upper torso to flow to the lower torso. An unspoken golden rule is to refrain from wearing tight separates. Tight clothing on a pear-shaped figure can quickly go from classy to trashy or even ‘trying too hard’. Ill-fitting clothes can cause you to look unkempt and solicit negative attention to your body. For a wholesome look, combine loose (not baggy) blouses, shirts and tees with figure-hugging bottoms, preferably with a small to medium-sized belt. This not only balances your ensemble, it draws attention to flattering areas like your small waist and legs. On the flip side, if you pair a loose pair of pants with a tight top, it will draw attention to your smaller waist and upper torso area.

A-lined dresses and skirts are also great options for women with a pear shape. They highlight the waist and slim the hips and thighs, drawing attention to the upper body. For body reference, check out Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez.

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