How to style Hoodies like a Pro…

Comfortable and warm, perfect for errands and lounging, the hoodie is the perfect look for casual and comfy and sometimes even sloppy. (Sloppy can be chic too). But how do you style your hoodie like a pro and even better, chic? As a style enthusiast, I have compiled a couple of ways to pull off the hoodie in a fashionable and chic manner.

Hoodie with a blazer : If you are a self proclaimed tomboy, this look will be perfect for you. Pair your hoodie with a boyfriend jacket to achieve a trendy vibe. You can combine with jeans or sleek leggings and boots to make it stylish or even with sneakers to achieve maximum comfort. Furthermore, pairing it with a pants suit elevates your suit game.

Hoodie with Leather: As we know, leather is a staple piece in our wardrobe items that is very sophisticated. Pair your hoodies with neutral colored (black,white, camel) leather pants or pencil skirt and update your hoodie look. Try going monochrome and your outfit goes from slacker to sophisticated.

Feminine Ways: Hoodies can be styled feminine chic as well. If you ever wonder how to pair your hoodie with a dash of femininity, look not far away from your pleated and A-line skirts. Amp up the sexy with knee high boots and your look goes from boring and predictable to fun and interesting.

Conclusively, dressing up a hoodie is all in your styling. Going for a tomboy look or trying out boots and a pleated skirt are just ideas on how you can style your looks. There are so many inspirations on styling your hoodies and it’s never a bad idea to style it as sloppy and baggy as you would like inasmuch as you feel great and stylish.

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