Style Guide for your Zoom Meetings

Looking good is good business as not only does it boost your confidence, people take you more seriously and want to know more about you. Your look is your first introduction to the world without saying a word (just

Now that we’ve settled into the tech-y era of remote everything including video dates, one has to ensure that your go to style still looks amazing and not distracting or lack luster on screen. How do you command a room without physically being in the room? Your outfit!

For these waist up meetings and even dates, the more vibrant, the better. Try colors like emerald green, cobalt blue, mustard and rust . You want your look to elevate your mood and your confidence to transcend the screen .

Also, bold patterns and prints work well with the camera and draws attention to you in a good way. Finish your look with a matching foundation and a pop of color on your lips. Of course jewelry is an added bonus but stay minimal, you don’t want to look like you are trying too hard.

It’s technically not the end of the world so let’s attend these meetings and video chats looking beautiful and sophisticated.

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