Rocking the Dad Shorts

So like most fashion things, every now and again, something not so new comes floating by and we grab it and make it a statement and staple in our closet. That’s exactly what the dad shorts are.

Our dads still wear it and while you might automatically groan when you hear that, this dad trend is becoming so popular and yes, chic!

I have always liked the gender neutral aesthetic so this dad core trend is so on my lane, I am here for it especially since we are repping the chill no stress take on Fashion. (No complaints here)

Although the Dad style is a bit of a relaxed and well dad vibe, I decided to elevate this trend by styling these African print dad shorts (gotten from my dad’s closet. obvi) with a green form fitted turtleneck and a blazer which turned out really chic and smart. #corporatewearinspo?

As with everything item of clothing, there are more than one way to rock your Dad shorts depending on your mood and what look you are going for. Rocking these shorts with a bustier top and sandals to make it more sexy and perfect for a girls night out. A crop tee and sneakers for that street appeal and for the androgynous risk taker, a baggy tee or hoodies with dad sandals or chunky sneakers and a face cap.

I can’t wait to re rock these shorts!! The style ideas are endless. FYI don’t worry about looking frumpy or sloppy, you can always revamp this trend to fit your aesthetic and body shape.

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