Prints & Patterns

Just when we think the fashion world doesn’t have anything more to offer, a trend comes back in full force making us fall in love with fashion all over again.

One of said trends is mixing prints and patterns. This trend definitely has that “fall in love all over again” effect on me. There’s just something so fun and eye-catching about seeing prints that one usually thinks won’t work together styled seamlessly to create a unique and individual style.

However, like some trends, it can become a little complicated when we attempt to try this trend. One major tip that works all the time is BALANCE. The execution of an eye catching and perfect prints and patterns look relies on balance. For example, if one print is big, wear it with something of a smaller scale, and if one is extra loud, find something more subtle to tone it down.

Another great tip is to pair solid neutrals with something floral or bright stripes styled with plaid pieces for an unexpected twist.

Even in the animal kingdom, this trend has proven to be versatile. Animal prints such as snakeskin, zebra, cow , giraffe , leopard prints are great additions to this bold trend.

Additionally, when styling, another tip is to stick with one color tone. For example, you can use different prints but keep it within the same color story like I did here so your look doesn’t feel too cumbersome.

Most importantly, rely on your instincts, fashion is fun and not forced. Enjoy discovering your artistic side

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