The Perfect Denim Jumpsuit

Nothing is really perfect unless you are talking about this jumpsuit from Pretty Little Thing fondly called PLT . Now that’s perfect.

As a plus size fashion enthusiast I was skeptical about a denim jumpsuit. Sure, I have done the Canadian Tuxedo (where you combine a denim shirt with jeans pants )but an actually jumpsuit? Hard pass

That was till I saw this jumpsuit at PLT. It was the right blue for me, the length and design an added layer of icing to my already beautiful denim cake. I was like let’s start with a familiar cut and see how this works and boy did it work!!!

The utilitarian fit is amazing and does wonders for my body. I have a belly so the hard waist cinches at the proper places. The straight leg is so uncomplicated hence making the jumpsuit perfect for either stilettos, sneakers or boots depending on your mood or the season.

At this point, I am wondering if I should change the title of this post to “A love song to Denim” which will be fitting as I think about the buttery softness of the jumpsuit but I think you have had enough of my sappy.

In conclusion, this has been a worthy buy and I am looking forward to switching things up with this jumpsuit.

How would you rock your jumpsuit?

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