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What I wore….Birthday Getaway to Miami

Soooooooo…….. where to start!!!

I haven’t been much of a traveler in fact, come to think about it, never even been a birthday person as well. Traveling was never my go to source of entertainment and relaxation besides, I have been all over the world through my books. lol

You won’t find any cheaper flights than the ones you take through your imagination.lol.

As a November baby, in the cold weather, I’m usually not jumping for joy to do something to celebrate. A chill day of reflection and ice cream is more my forte that was until I met this friend of mine who looooves to travel and over time has made me enjoy traveling and its perks.

Traveling is like a delicate dance meaning depending on where you are going and with whom, it can either be therapeutic or adventurous and spontaneous or worse case scenario, a disaster. As a chill, laid back almost couch potato person, my idea of fun is a slow day of exploring the area, visiting artistic places, eating good food and creating content (it’s not boring. I promise…)

So for this birthday, it didn’t take a lot of persuasion for me to decide on Miami, a warm and sunny place with a tropical appeal. . As opposed to New York, Miami this time of the year is the perfect getaway, sunny and quiet.

When going to a warmer climate, light and airy clothes are so important. Cotton and linen are the best options as they absorb sweat without making you feel sticky and they are also durable. Once you have that in mind picking clothes won’t be as difficult. What always work best for me is having a theme either a color story or style category of clothing when I am traveling, it gives my pictures a flow and doesn’t feel cumbersome when I am dressing up.

So enough of the talk, I feel like I did a lot of that in this post. These are the outfits I wore for my birthday getaway. Let me know which was your favorite.

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