Chic in Winter

Cold weather inevitably means having to wear layers, which honestly can be the most tedious, bleak and unflattering. Thus, with the cold days upon us, the need to be warm and stay warm is prominent. So how do we manage to still look chic in the Winter?

With Winter comes the Bulk…

Whether for an outing, work or errands, regardless of the dropped temperatures, here are a few tips to being fully prepared and chic for the winter.

Foremost, taking care of your skin is important. With all kinds of coverage during the colder months, your face is probably what people will see. Introduce some kind of glow to your skin routine such as glow oils, highlighters or bronzer.

Secondly, when choosing the garment for the day, take note to choose flattering silhouettes starting the lightest layer closest to the body and progressively building fabric weight so the heaviest layer is your coat. For example, thermal wear as your first layer then a chunky but chic knitwear or sweater and midi skirt and then thermal socks and your comfortable chic boots, finishing the look with a flattering coat of your choice.

Warmth is in the fabric not the thickness

Furthermore, since staying warm and fashionable is key, a hat is the obvious way to go. A lot of body heat is lost through our heads so it really calls for us to put our heads before our hearts (pun intended). Also, it makes for less bulk. Fur is always glamorous but if you cannot afford the real deal, faux fur is also a win.

And now for the main piece : The Coat. A coat says alot about your taste. Invest in a few coats – a parka, a dress coat, a wool coat so you have a variety to wear for every occasion without getting bored, making them last much longer.

Lastly, stay ahead!! It is not necessary to bring your entire wardrobe when stepping out, lugging an additional coat or scarf or hat around is not chic. It doesn’t hurt to check the weather, that way, you will be sure to take what you need with you.

And remember, sensible can definitely still mean chic.

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