Fashion Maximalist…

Okay… hear me out… I wouldn’t necessarily say that I am a fashion maximalist but I can say without question that prints have been part of my style for a long time. So while some will say that is maximalism, a part of me is so used to these expressive prints that they are beginning to look like solid/muted patterns to me.

Prints and colors have been part of my story. Adding a touch of something bold or indigenous has always been my go to style dare I say my brand. Here’s a girl who for the most part of her life was reserved and too shy to discard societal notion of what her size should or shouldn’t wear and now here she is casually mixing a bold color with even bolder prints. 

If you are willing to try something, go for it!! There are so many ways to push your fashion/style boundaries and trying bold patterns, combining patterns and/or colors that wouldn’t necessarily go together is the best and fun way to go. The idea is to have fun while dressing up.

Its 2022 and there is nothing like fashion faux par anymore…

Fashion Maximalism isn’t for the faint hearted but for that lady who isn’t afraid to step out and recognize that she deserves to be noticed. BE THAT LADY!!!

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