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Winter Darks…

Fashion is so fast paced that keeping up is near impossible but not style, style is the true definition of ones personality and since style is about utilizing the best of us, we are urged to challenge ourselves and continuously improve our style. As I have repeated over, I love the fluidity of style and

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Fur is everything to me. I feel its so distinguished be it stoles or coats. They can be very practical yet a very stylish addition to your closet. More often than not, a fur jacket can easily elevate any look from regular to sophisticated and chic. This jacket from Chicnyc is so me. It has

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Admittedly, after a while our personal style reaches a certain plateau and it seems monotonous and boring  where we aren’t excited about our clothes or even bother about revamping them. I have been there and it sucks hence the need to experiment with other style groups. I have experimented with different style categories but the

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Monochrome & Bows…

Wearing monochrome isn’t a hassle, all it requires is pairing and executing an outfit either in black and white or in varying tones of only one color. With that established, styling in monochrome can be very elevating and with the right accents, sophisticated. With monochrome, you aren’t depending on color to create an impression rather

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