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By all standards and definitions, a hero is a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements and/or noble qualities however, in this present day society, this definition isn’t as gender neutral as one would expect hence, women in the bid to take back their awesomeness have coined ¬†their own term Shero (a

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One Style fits all?

A lot of people that know me know I LOVE jumpsuits alongside of course anything with pockets, its my kryptonite. lol. Anyways back to the gist of the story, in addition to my list of loves, I love Asos and fortunately, Asos is the best place to find jumpsuits of all kinds for all shapes

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Femme Naturale…

More often than not, we find ourselves being apologetic for just being us. We apologize from a spectrum of things : vital to inconsequential. I do not condone rudeness nor disrespect however, I am all for people taking a stand for what they truly believe and who they truly are. My name is Ife, I

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Print Romance…

Whether we like it or not, our outfits introduce us to the world before we even open our mouths or have the opportunity to defend our character. Color, prints and patterns and clothes with pockets make me happy, literally.. lol.. My love for color has been chastised on numerous occasions but I refuse to conform

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