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Admittedly, after a while our personal style reaches a certain plateau and it seems monotonous and boring  where we aren’t excited about our clothes or even bother about revamping them. I have been there and it sucks hence the need to experiment with other style groups. I have experimented with different style categories but the

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A Pastel Christmas…

Merry Christmas!! Happy Holidays!!! Happy Hanukkah!!! It’s a season to be Jolly and Unique.. Since we all have better things to do like annoy our family and friends and exchange gifts, this will be quick. I promise.. 😋 This holiday season, I will be posting various outfits that I enjoyed putting together. In the bid

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K.I.S.S Keep It Stylishly Simple…

So, Fall has finally “fallen” upon us albeit some random butt freezing days☃️☃️. In retrospect, I decided to do a fall/preppy/eccentric inspired look. This outfit is so eccentric and yet so simple, I am looooving it. It may not have necessarily been my to go choice in mixology but I loved channeling its eccentricity during this shoot

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