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The Peplum…

As opposed to common belief, peplums aren’t every curvy girl’s best friend. Most of them don’t really hide the “problem areas” as much we would want them to. Over the years, peplums and I have had a love hate relationship, the waist line wouldn’t hug me properly and the peplum itself always felt like it

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Femme Naturale…

More often than not, we find ourselves being apologetic for just being us. We apologize from a spectrum of things : vital to inconsequential. I do not condone rudeness nor disrespect however, I am all for people taking a stand for what they truly believe and who they truly are. My name is Ife, I

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Purple Royale…

It is no secret that Nigerians go all out and more for weddings, flamboyancy runs in our blood I would say šŸ˜Š. Every Nigerian knows the unwritten rule for occasions “Thou shalt look your best at a gathering ” hence we all dress the part and make sure we do our culture proud no matter

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Wedding, Set, Go!!!

WEDDING SEASON IS HERE!!! For those of us who are still single yet ignoring DMs and text messages, the dreaded season is upon us, the season of love, style, glamour and honestly bride envy. As it gets warmer, we are bombarded with occasions, festivities and activities which canĀ sometimes take a toll on our closet and

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