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Green It On…

According to the weather reports, spring came 3 weeks early, not that I am complaining, but I wish I had more time to really enjoy the cool air against my skin and more importantly, time to explore winter outfit ideas, till next year then.. Anyways, to commemorate the early passing of our dear winter lol,

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Denim December…

As fashion connoisseurs, we know that like the infamous LBD, no closet is complete without denim. Denim in the fashion industry has become so relevant because of its resilient nature and its ability to continue reinventing itself. From the regular straight leg to the bootcut to high waisted and now the culottes and shredded hem line jeans,

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A Pastel Christmas…

Merry Christmas!! Happy Holidays!!! Happy Hanukkah!!! It’s a season to be Jolly and Unique.. Since we all have better things to do like annoy our family and friends and exchange gifts, this will be quick. I promise.. 😋 This holiday season, I will be posting various outfits that I enjoyed putting together. In the bid

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