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Take the Plunge…

Red is one of my favorite colors, it always has been. Its a hue that is both flattering and enhancing for all shades. It is a perfect transition from summer to fall depending on your accessories, it could actually be the perfect go-to for your closet. You all know that I am about piecing western

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By all standards and definitions, a hero is a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements and/or noble qualities however, in this present day society, this definition isn’t as gender neutral as one would expect hence, women in the bid to take back their awesomeness have coined  their own term Shero (a

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Vintage x Ankara…

Style is bold and about taking risks but it is also having fun throughout the process of executing your look. This look is everything for me, peep my accessory behind.😊 (I just had to pay my respects). This is a nostalgic look because it reminds me of rides with a grandfather I loved so much. This

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Isale Eko

Isale Eko: Land of milk, honey and yellow danfos Before I go any further, Isale Eko means Downtown Lagos. Lagos is the commercial capital of Nigeria, West Africa and is famous for its authenticity ranging from food to fashion. Being a tropical country, it is very normal to see people wear loose forms of clothing

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