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Call it Spring???

As an unofficial weather reporter, I have watched Mother Nature go crazy with the seasons and can officially state that the US weather can be likened to the infamous British weather (very unpredictable). Is that a good thing? I will leave that to you to decide. I on the other hand try to take advantage

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Date Night…

It is no news that I am a bonafide jumpsuit loyalist. I love them!! Not only are they an easy outfit pick as they flatter my body type but they are also very flexible for one to wear whichever way they want to. Today’s pick was a little tricky because of the cold shoulder design (I

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Remember who you are is a constant chant in my household. Every time I was leaving for boarding school, my father always sent me off with those parting words. Fast forward to my current life, there has been a lot happening to me, breaking me to my most vulnerable but also building me to my

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