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Take the Plunge…

Red is one of my favorite colors, it always has been. Its a hue that is both flattering and enhancing for all shades. It is a perfect transition from summer to fall depending on your accessories, it could actually be the perfect go-to for your closet. You all know that I am about piecing western

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By all standards and definitions, a hero is a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements and/or noble qualities however, in this present day society, this definition isn’t as gender neutral as one would expect hence, women in the bid to take back their awesomeness have coined  their own term Shero (a

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Remember who you are is a constant chant in my household. Every time I was leaving for boarding school, my father always sent me off with those parting words. Fast forward to my current life, there has been a lot happening to me, breaking me to my most vulnerable but also building me to my

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Color Me Afrique…

Color is such an intriguing medium of expression, self love and beauty, hence, fashion enthusiasts commit to the art of display, “marketing” their point of view through the spectrum of color. Color gives us the ease to be whomever we want to be, channeling different eras and moods into an outfit. Since my childhood days, my love for colors

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