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Pearls x Sneakers…

As an official office chic, it is safe to say that when it comes to fashion, I would rather “suffer” in style than have it any other way especially for an outing however, I have my causal/off days where anything goes and wearing sneakers is bliss. For this occasion, I wanted a blend of a

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“Land of the Free, Home of the Brave”… Those terms mean a lot to a lot of people as they represent the beacon of hope that is America. Today many, many years ago, the Declaration of Independence was signed to affirm our sovereignty and it cannot be over emphasized that everyone was part of that

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Ray of Mauve…

We interrupt your busy schedule to bring you this AEO ad (😁 just kidding). So, I was thinking, it’s not every time “slay”, “slay queen”, “killing it”, “on fleek” (people still say that right?). As mere mortals, we can all relate to the fact that we sometimes want to dress in something comfortable which thankfully,

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Bet on Burgundy…

It’s Fall season or so we hope as mother nature still hasn’t decided yet. Typically, during this season, we all shelve our summery clothes and dust out the dark colored regalia to wear and style as we may please. I try not to totally conform to trends however, to execute my first Fall look, I

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