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Pearls x Sneakers…

As an official office chic, it is safe to say that when it comes to fashion, I would rather “suffer” in style than have it any other way especially for an outing however, I have my causal/off days where anything goes and wearing sneakers is bliss. For this occasion, I wanted a blend of a

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By all standards and definitions, a hero is a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements and/or noble qualities however, in this present day society, this definition isn’t as gender neutral as one would expect hence, women in the bid to take back their awesomeness have coined  their own term Shero (a

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All Fun and Stripes…

A picture says a thousand words. It captures the bumps, lumps, curves and insecurities of its subject however, in that beautifully flawed moment, our beauty and strength surfaces. Stripes can be tricky however they are a nice addition to your closet if combined properly. Stripes are also very versatile for all kinds of looks and

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Sunny Stripes

Since Mother Nature has decided to keep acting like a heartbroken lover 🙄, I am just going to soak up some sun by proxy from my  birthday trip to Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is such a beautiful place with so much authenticity that is very endearing and charming. I must say that this was one trip I

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