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A Day at The Hamptons…

So I am headed to the Hamptons for a day and it is my first trip there. This has been on my bucket list for sometime now but other things kept taking preeminence. This time around though, I had to go to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Hello Gossip girl. lol The day is planned and

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This post isn’t really a fashion post, its a short but memorable recount of my experience in California. As a  New Yorker, I have become so used to seeing grim faces and people always in a hurry (Only God knows why) lol so, any opportunity to leave for a couple of days is jumped upon. Opportunity

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Sunny Stripes

Since Mother Nature has decided to keep acting like a heartbroken lover 🙄, I am just going to soak up some sun by proxy from my  birthday trip to Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico is such a beautiful place with so much authenticity that is very endearing and charming. I must say that this was one trip I

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Bra or Bikini…

Vacations are always something to look forward to. A vacation be it “mini”, “midi” or “maxi” is always a production for me. I get so determined and creative about what to wear and how to wear it and then down the line, get anxious and frustrated if they do not turn out the way I

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